Audacious ADHD EBook CoverAudacious ADHD, is available as a pdf download at a minimal cost of R87.00. It is a revamp of our original book I'm Audacious, Innovative and Original ... I have ADHD which we released in 2008. This was a print edition with 2 CDs because many ADDers can’t or don’t like to read.

In less than a year we had sold every copy, primarily at our ADHD talks and workshops and conferences for parents, educators, and medical professionals throughout South Africa.

Easy to read, dispelling the myths and giving the facts – no jargon – a book written by ADDers for those who have ADHD or work or live alongside them.

What is the book about?

Introduction: What is ADHD?
Chapter 1: Understanding the Name
Chapter 2: ADHD Myths – suddenly everyone is an expert and has a story to tell.
Chapter 3: The Hard Truths & Nothing But … including the many co-occurring conditions which make life more difficult.
Chapter 4 The ADHD Brain and what ADHD medication does and doesn’t do – video clip.
Chapter 5: Controversy
Chapter 6: RUDE Rage Rips Wretches Raw
Chapter 7: Lacking Lost Life-Skills
Chapter 8: The Major Types of ADHD

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Who should read this book?

  • Educators who want to understand the ADHD brain so that they can help their students
  • Parents who have ADHD children
  • Adults who live with / or alongside ADHD
  • Teens with ADHD
  • Medical Professionals who have not specialised in ADHD but want a better understanding of the condition so they can help their patients.

ADHD is extremely heritable. Four out of 5 children with ADHD have at least 1 ADHD parent. We are meeting more and more families where both parents have ADHD – they say opposites attract but ADDers frequently follow the “birds of a feather flock together“ option.

Living with, or alongside ADHD is hard, but exciting – well for the ADDer anyway. We are interested in everything, we are volatile, easily bored, anxious, depressed, prone to addiction and usually very bright. Our minds don’t sleep.

ADHD Coaching is very different from Life and Business Coaching because of the complex nature of ADHD and the many co-occurring conditions. Dave has created more than 35 modules which he uses to customise an ADHD Coaching Programme to suit each client’s individual needs. A comprehensive ADHD Impairments Assessment reveals the areas where a client is struggling.

Co-occurring conditions such as depression and anxiety are diagnosed, and medication dispensed. However, the underlying cause of these conditions could well be ADHD and is not treated.

There is no quick magic bullet to “cure” or “fix” ADHD. Dave has an ADHD Treatment Wheel created by Dave Pughe-Parry with 8 different treatments with “Powerful Affirming Love” binding them together.

Dave's coaching clients are located around the world, and he works with them online.

It takes an ADDer to understand and work with ADDers and see through the stories we tell ourselves.

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