Anonymous Assessment400You have just received a diagnosis of ADHD (Attention, Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder). You officially have a "disorder". For most folk this comes as a shock. 😨

You (or your spouse) possibly suspected that you had the condition, and  scoured the internet for someone who could diagnose you one way or the other.

Or perhaps, like I did, you lived for many years in blissful ignorance.

But … the ignorance hasn’t been bliss, has it?

Living a roller coaster life inevitably leads to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Personal and work relationship problems have resulted in divorce, getting fired or quickly changing jobs to avoid the humiliation of being fired.

The Diagnosis is just what it says it is - You have ADHD! It does not tell you how you can manage (there is no cure) this complex condition.

You are probably fed up with feeling like a failure and battling each day to survive. You go back to the internet to find answers ... and you will be swamped with diets, lotions and potions, fancy apps on your phone, brain and body exercises and you will be more overwhelmed than ever. Some are hocus pocus and some may help. 

The reality and truth is that you have to want to change yourself.  Learn different ways of doing things and build new habits. 

This is what ADHD Coaching will help you achieve.   

Changing a lifetime of behaviour patterns is probably one of the hardest things you will ever do but the rewards are huge.

Everyone experiences their ADHD differently.

As a child, you may have had wonderful parents and extended family who recognised your unique traits and helped you to learn effectively and grow into a competent adult in a loving and supportive environment. Your impairments are probably minimal.

Or, here’s the kicker…

Four out of five children who have ADHD have at least one ADHD Parent who is often undiagnosed and therefore untreated. The parent/s have struggled to manage their own lives without help and they don’t know how to parent effectively. You could therefore have been raised in a home where addiction, violence, financial problems and other forms of abuse were “your normal”.

It is because every ADDer is differently impacted by their ADHD that it is essential to an ADHD Impairments Assessment. 

Dave Pughe-Parry's ADHD Impairments Assessment, measures 20 different categories of ADHD impairments and he uses this information to select from his 35 ADHD Coaching Modules the right programme for you.

The Assessment is done via an online call (Zoom) and takes about an hour. Once the report and quotation for the Coaching Programme is complete, a 2nd online meeting is scheduled to discuss the documents.

Cost of the Assessment

The cost for the Assessment, including the report is ZAR R2 000.00 (approximately USD 100, Euro 95 and GBP 82 subject to foreign exchange fluctuations.)

If you accept the Coaching proposal the full cost of the Assessment is written off against the Coaching fee.

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Three Important Facts:

Who Can Diagnose ADHD and/or prescribe medication for ADHD?
  • Psychiatrist (can diagnose and prescribe appropriate medication)
  • Paediatrician (can diagnose and prescribe appropriate medication)
  • General Practitioner (GP) (can diagnose and prescribe appropriate medication if they are competent in working with mental health disorders - they will usually refer you to a Psychiatrist or Paediatrician)
  • Psychologist (usually a clinical, child or educational psychologist who can diagnose but not prescribe)
Dave Pughe-Parry does not diagnose any medical condition and does not prescribe medication.

He is an ADHD Coach who has ADHD and has spent the last 20+ years coaching, training and supporting Adults, Educators, Parents and Medical Professionals. He is highly respected by the medical professionals and educators he works with.

ADHD Medication

ADHD medication is not a magic cure for ADHD. By reducing distraction it enables the ADDer to focus better and use the Coaching Tools to improve their daily lives.

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